Brain Safety - helmet iconHead injuries are far too common. There is nothing ‘mild’ about Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI), also known as concussion. Simple and Complex concussion are true syndromes. Prevention is the only cure but support and treatments are available.

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Brain Nutrition - apple iconNutrition and brain health are intricately related. Explore website resources related to what we may ingest that is good or bad for the brain. There are many diets and fads but we must learn what is good nutrition to be healthy and live well.

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Physical Exercise

Brain Physical Exercise - running shoe iconPhysical exercise, to gain fitness is the closest we can come to the ‘Fountain of Youth’. Learn about brain chemicals that promote brain cell growth and brain reserve.

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Mental Activity

Brain Mental Activity - book iconMental stimulation and challenge increase brain reserve by establishing new connections between brain cells. Mental stimulation is required to stay at baseline levels of cognitive function. Use it or lose it!

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Brain Sleep - bed iconRefreshing sleep is a requirement for feeling good and having optimal brain performance. Anabolic repair and consolidation of learned material take place during sleep. The immune system is also activated during sleep.

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Brain Stress - explosion iconStress is bad for the brain. We cannot avoid stress but we can learn to avoid being stressed. The stress hormone cortisol is catabolic. It can kill brain cells and shrinks the hippocampus, the mediating organ of learning and recall.

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Brain Hormones - pill iconThe brain is exquisitely sensitive to hormones; therefore, hormone balance is important. This is an exciting area as neurosteroid chemistry is still in its infancy but rapidly growing. We must avoid hormone hazards and hormone havoc!

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Treatment of Disease

Brain Treatment of Disease - stethoscope iconA number of common diseases are independent risk factors for early onset neurocognitive disorder (aka dementia). Early diagnosis and treatment of these disorders is very important. With your initiative and collaboration a family physician can easily do this.

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