The Holistic Model

Healthy Brain Holistic Model

The Eight Pillars of Brain Health and Longevity

There is really no boundary between biology and physics. What used to be Newtonian physics was essentially linear thinking, as what goes on when one reads a series of words. This is a limitation imposed by writing language on a page. The brain, on the other hand, works as a complex dynamic system (chaotic system) according to the laws of quantum physics and interactionism. Everything is interrelated.

The diagram above depicts how interactions work in the complex dynamics of the real world. No aspect of brain health exists in isolation; all interact with each other. You will find it interesting to imagine specific interactions or find studies that demonstrate such interactions. For example, can you guess how nutritional effects interact with those of physical exercise? How about interactions between physical and mental exercise? What about protective effects of physical fitness when one suffers a concussion?

You can explore many interactions by following the lines.