Welcome to the revised edition of Your Healthy Brain

Dr. Stephen KiralyA Personal & Family Guide to Staying Healthy & Living Longer

Your Healthy Brain addresses the marvelous phenomenon of brain function…the brain is the most important, misunderstood organ of the body.

Often we treat ourselves as if the brain did not even exist – an attitude that translates into abuse and neglect.

I have a story to tell. Almost fifteen years ago (1999) I developed the first Healthy Brain Program in Canada, and possibly the first in the world. The story began when I started a job in Vancouver, BC, in 1994. In that position I was a consultant to doctors looking after patients in nursing homes and I also had to pay attention to support and educational needs of staff (GPs, care aides, LPNs and nurses). I was often asked to give lectures on various neuropsychiatric disorders, mainly depression, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other dementing diseases. I also had to counsel patients, families and caregivers. The resultant experience turned out to be rather depressing.

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